Monday, April 26, 2010


For those wondering why I have no updates since my last post, well... I was on leave since Thursday and only reported to work today. Nakaka-miss pala ang Makati :)

Seriously though, my lil boy IS sick. IS because he still has cough today but at least his fever was gone by Saturday morning. But his cough is pretty bad. I was just relieved to hear from my mom that he was able to sleep through the afternoon today without any incident (of coughing really hard to vomit that sticky phlegm).

We sensed something off last Tuesday night as we felt he was a bit feverish 37++ C. (but not yet 37.8 C. that would warrant a dose of paracetamol). He would normally be at the 36 C. range. He has low-grade fever and cough by Wednesday so, hubby who was supposed to go on leave for a job interview stayed home to watch over Enzo. By Thursday, we were both on leave as we wanted to bring him to his pedia. Diagnosis was it's viral and to continue with our medication. On standy was ibuprofen for his fever if it doesn't resolve by Friday. I am a bit hesistant about ibuprofen as he might have allergic reactions to it but since Calpol don't seem to work anymore as his fever stays within the same range even after an hour of taking it already. By Saturday, I gave him Advil for 3x a day for 2 days. We discontinued after the first day as fever was completely gone by Sunday. His cough still persists and his medication for it is for 5-10 days. We are on our 6th day. Hope he gets better sooon.

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