Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's Rock!!

Me and Enzo are addicted to Plants vs. Zombies.

I first saw this computer game a few weeks back from my nephew. I didn't bother then as I thought it is just one of those computer games. I was sooo wrong!

When hubby brought home his laptop this weekend, we tried playing it and I got hooked really bad. It's sooo addicting! Even Enzo insists on watching us play "Zombies" (as what he would say). He even knows "sunflower," "sunlight," and "let's rock!"

So, should I finally have my iPhone jailbreak so I can install this game? What do you think?


  1. i love this game!!!!
    ayoko i-jailbreak ung iPhone ko, kaya gusto ko na nga mag-purchase nung game.... pinipigilan ko na lang tlaga sarili ko hihihihi!

  2. Hi sis, naku even Enzo is addicted to it at every time we come home, hinahanap niya laptop ni hubby eh iniiwan niya yun sa office on weekdays hahaha!