Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long weekends: coming up!

It's true! It's true! (jumping in joy)

Two long weekends to look forward to. If Enzo is a lot, lot better by Saturday, we are attending the blessing of Eshaan (my college friend's son) on Sunday. I will finally meet her son whom she gave birth to August of last year and I can have a chat with my college buddies whom I haven't seen for such a looong time. Then we will proceed to my folks' house after lunch to be able to hear mass. We have skipped mass for 2 weeks now. Then I still have a Monday to rest and sleep and sleep and sleep... yup, I lacked sleep. Blame it on PBB hahaha! And oh... I don't like that Shey really (my opinion!). Since we have only 1 tv in our condo and it is in our bedroom, I let the yaya watch it with us. I am only able to get 6 hours of sleep at the most. I need more...

Another long weekend will be due to the presidential elections here in the country. I will exercise my right (to vote) come May 10th. If hubby's dad or brother can bring us home that Monday then I can vote first in the morning and we'll go straight to Makati afterwards since hubby is registered there. Or hubby will have to go alone as it might be difficult to commute that day. Whom am I voting, you wonder?

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