Friday, May 14, 2010

Alona Tropical Beach Resort

Alona Tropical Beach Resort was the first resort I was looking at. Rates are reasonable. And it has a pool (Isis Bungalows doesn't have one.).

Initially, I was thinking of getting just 1 room, the "Poolside Suite" which I was told is good for 4 pax but can still fit 2 extra person (Php5,500). Extra mattress is Php 500 each. That's roughly Php 19,500 and less 10% for low season rates = Php 17,550. But hubby wants a separate bathroom since there will be 6 of us.

So, if we get 1 "Deluxe Room" inclusive of breakfast (Php3,460/room/night) and 1 "Poolside Suite" exclusive of breakfast (Php5,500/room/night) is roughly Php 24,192 (already less the 10%). Breakfast is 250 per head. Roundtrip transfer is Php 1,400.

I wonder if they can have queen-size bed in the "Deluxe Room" so we could stay there and the grannies will stay at the "Poolside Suite" instead.

Hubby is leaning on the ISIS Bungalows and it appears relatively cheaper than Alona Tropical plus I have read rave reviews of their Thai food. Confusing?

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