Friday, May 14, 2010

Isis Bungalows

Hubby & I will be up late Saturday night (technically, Sunday morning) and try to avail of PAL's midnight sale. I wonder if local destinations are also up for sale - Bohol or Caticlan? If not, then we might end up getting their existing promo to Bohol which costs about Php2,000 roundtrip per head. So, am back scouting at the net for good deals on accommodations. I found this:

Isis Bungalows "aircon rooms" (Php2,000/room/night)

With a queen-size bed. Though there is no cable tv & ref. :(

This, on the other hand, is their "Standard Bungalow" (Php3,000/room/night).

It has a king-size bed and cable tv but no ref.

Or this "Deluxe Bungalow" (Php4,000/room/night)

This has cable tv & ref.

Initially, I was thinking of getting 2 aircon rooms and 1 standard bungalow which will cost us roughly Php21,000 for 4 days/3nights. I'm waiting for the reply of the manager how much is the extra charge if we request TV for the 2 aircon rooms and ref for the standard bungalow.

Now, I'm thinking of getting 1 Deluxe Bungalow for the grannies and 1 Standard Bungalow for us which will roughly be about Php23,100. This one, at least, will have TV on both rooms and a ref at the Deluxe Bungalow we could share. I will just request for 2 extra mattress for the Deluxe Bungalow.

Roundtrip transfer is Php1,200 for a van. Breakfast is not included in the rates and it's Php180 per set. A choice between American or Filipino. What do you guys think? Haaah! tempting...

Up next: Alona Tropical

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