Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 1st Automated Election Experience (10 May 2010)

... was exhausting and irritating (at times) but comforting when I was able to cast (141st vote successfully scanned by that PCOS machine) my vote after 3 grueling hours. whew!

I was with my mom (take note: She is a senior citizen.) at the polling place by 7:30ish. And this is my number - 94! And the number that was being called at that time is 25 huhuhu! Plus senior citizens (and pregnant women I think) are given priority. Which is why I said my vote was the 141st.

The one in stripes (orange) was my mom being verified by the teachers huhuhu!

This, on the other hand, is the view from where I was standing and waiting. Another whew! moment. This is at the Tandang Sora National High School.

This is where I got my number - from the volunteer in pink. You have to verify first that your name is in that list (attached to the window).

The view of the ground floor. I was already at the 2nd floor waiting for my number to be called.

See the empty chairs here. This was taken early in the morning. What was taking long is the verification. I guess if there are more teacher volunteers per polling place or at least 1 teacher assigned per precinct then it would have been a little faster and easier.

Now, we are simply awaiting for the last vote to be counted. It seems the trend is leaning for a Noynoy-Binay victory but I'm still hoping Mar will pull a miracle and win the VP race *crossed fingers*

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