Thursday, May 6, 2010

My take...

Yes, I'm voting for Noynoy... and Mar... and Herbert as Mayor for Quezon City where I am registered.

My personal views:
- Though his credentials might not be as outstanding as his counterparts, Gibo, Villar but really how far can credentials go... look at PGMA? Gibo? But was Gibo able to deliver when Ondoy struck the country? He could have been "our hero" then but his presence was merely felt (by me at least).
- I have this belief in Noynoy that he is not corrupt (and I pray that he does not succumb to power when he eventually wins and prove me wrong in the end).
- As he said in one of the interviews (or was it a debate?) that he does not promise a miracle and that it would take a long process but at least, it's the reality. I mean you can't change everything overnight. It would be a work in progress. And he knows it. And he seems up for the challenge.

I wonder, will election even push through on Monday given these "talks" lately?

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