Thursday, May 6, 2010

College Friends Reunion (02 May 2010)

It was sort of just a mini-reunion... the others were really not around last Sunday (Ailiene who resides in the US, Fresh and Miles who resides somewhere in the Middle East...). The last time I saw these guys were in December 15, 2007 during Enzo's baptism. Except for Cecile whom I've seen after that. Fast forward to last Sunday, it was the blessing of Al and Cecile's first-born son, Eshaan (the baby on the left). He is now 8-months old.

Though it was short, I enjoyed spending time with them as it has been years plus the yummy food at Henry's Grille.

See a glimpse of my LVoe, it's only the second time I was able to use it and I am loving my Neverfull. You can't really compare it with any other non-designer bags (aside from the obvious fact it's freaking expensive though I got it way way cheaper compared to prices here in Manila = 14K savings imagine!), the texture... the smell... it's addicting hahaha! No hubby, I'm not insinuating anything as I am still enjoying the Neverfull.

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