Thursday, June 17, 2010

Date with my boys (14 June 2010)

We went to EDSA Shangri-La last Monday. Hubby ended up not rendering overtime anymore. It was a lot of fun and we should do it really more often.

He rode the carousel... and loved it (for the first time!). I believe this is his 4th time already but it was the 1st time he did enjoy riding it... or maybe because the horse wasn't moving up and down?!

Then we let him play at Gymboree for 1/2 hours (Php180.00). I "heart" Gymboree because I can let my son wander without worrying he'll fall and hurt himself. He can even go on the slide on his own now. Of course, I was nearby worrying a bit but proud at the same time. It's hard letting him be on his own but I know this is how he'll learn in the process.

Up and down... up & down again... and he went to the slide a couple more times after that...

After Gymboree, Enzo was saying "pizza, pizza!" I think he overheard us earlier that we are planning to eat pizza hihihi! Off we went to Green Tomato for our snacks. I "heart" Green Tomato. It's now on my list of must dine-ins. I should have this list up on my blog soon.

We had their 9" Four Cheese Pizza (Php 205.00). Their crust is really thin and crunchy. There's a pesto in it so it's not your usual "Four Cheese Pizza."

We also ordered a single serve of this Sausage Pasta (Php225.00). This also did not disappoint us. Enzo ate more than half of the bread included in this pasta and their Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream (Php70.00) in between.

Total bill amounts to Php583.00. Included in the bill is 1 bottled water and service charge as well.

We'll definitely go back here...

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