Thursday, July 8, 2010

the movie that was...

As I have written here and since I don't want to miss it on the big screen this time around, we reserved through using my BIL's account for the movie Eclipse last July 2, 6:10pm showing at Glorietta 4. See I missed watching the first 2 films before I got hooked with the books so I promised myself that I will catch Eclipse on the big screen.

I still like the book better really! I guess that always happens to books turned into movies type. With one exception I can relate to, The Lord of the Rings. And the movie is a bit dark. What I mean is that it's not crisp! There were funny moments that the moviegoers find amusing such as the dialogue of Jacob "I'm hotter than you!" woot! woot! He is, by the way but I am still a Team Edward teehee!

So, we'll be waiting for the said 2-part Breaking Dawn movie. I hope this is closer to the book as they will have more time...

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