Thursday, July 8, 2010

condo make-over

Aside from "trying" to save for our upcoming Bohol birthday treat, extra moolah (if any) will have to cover for the following items we needed for our small abode:

1. either a new foam/mattress for yaya or a sofa bed to perk up our living area... and add a few throw pillows.
2. rechargeable light with fan (since it's rainy season and we are prone once again to brownouts!). The little prince perspires easily.
3. new curtains (what we have now are the curtains we've had since moving in to our condo in December 2007). Maybe something in the shade of light green and white/silver-y for our bedroom so it will be soothing to the eyes. Yellow seems okay too but our old curtain is already in the shade of gold. And our bedroom has a shade of light green. Will be needing at least 4 or 5 for the bedroom. And 2 for the sala. I was thinking of getting a yellow and brown shade or peach perhaps. That would be nice.
4. new dining chairs (4) with back rest. The "ghost" chairs are nice but way expensive so maybe in summer-y colors would do. I tell you they are about to give up hahaha!

And add to that our own wishlist whoa!

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