Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my Blogging Tools

Was going over Anton's blog and read his latest post and was excited about the Flip Ultra 120 HD - one yummy gadget I have been dreaming about since reading about it in Daphne's blog.

Here is my own Top Blogging Tools:
Blog Hosting
For me, that would be Blogger since I am not really a professional blogger and this is free so it would suffice. I have started blogging, I think in late 2005 to document my preparations for the wedding. I was influenced by a yahoo group I belong to. So I really started with blogger and still quite happy about it. Although I am not that techie, Blogger is relatively easy to use. I have not updated my first blog - december16.blogspot.com after the wedding since I got pregnant and lazy. However, when I gave birth to our son, Enzo, my desire to write/blog was ignited by my desire to be able to document my son's milestones and our own family adventures.

I have tried Livejournal recently and in fact, have an existing account with them but this particular blog is the one I update the most.

Digital Camera
Hubby bought the Nikon D40 last January 2008 (about 2 months after I gave birth) and if you see pictures here that is clear and crisp and nice and pretty, then that was taken by the D40. But for those times that we are caught unprepared for photo ops or those times, we don't feel like bringing the camera bag, my iPhone 3G (8G) saves the day.

Video Camera
None :( so that Flip Ultra will be very useful teehee!

Yes, I used the desktop in the office to update my blog. ssshh! Trust me, I do it on my spare time.

Photo Editing, Watermarking and Hosting Tool
Hubby takes care of enhancing the pictures. He has this software from Nikon called Picture Project. Watermarking? Hmmm... never thought about that since I'm only doing this to document my son's growing-up years and our family's adventures so I don't think there is a need for it. Hosting Tool? I don't have that much pictures yet. I just really upload the pictures after saving them on my computer. That's it!

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