Monday, August 16, 2010

before he turns 3!

Look at him now...

A picture with his "current" fave toys... Woody and Buzz and he even memorized the lines from the movie already geez!

This is his current loot from lolo Jun... Mario & Luigi!

Recently, he does this... he says "What do I want?" with matching hand action (like in the pic)... really it amazes me where he gets it?

This red Superga sneakers, on the other hand, is courtesy of my in-laws. He is spoiled well... loved!

A closer look... he is heavy at 15kgs. as of his last check-up. But he doesn't really look fat, just heavy. I guess because he eats with so much "gusto" and I'm happy that he loves eating vegetables even the ampalaya tops we mixed in Monggo. Though he also loves Jollibee chickenjoy and KFC chicken and anything fried chicken.

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