Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Frozen Yogurt Adventure (The White Hat)

Today, I had this Italian frozen yogurt with red cherries and homemade cheesecake for toppings from The White Hat. The regular plain yogurt is Php90.00. One topping is additional P20.00, two toppings like mine is Php35.00 and three toppings (if you can't get enough) is Php45.00. I love it more than Red Mango really. Although Red Mango is a little cheaper. The sourness in this yogurt is distinct enough for me to know I'm eating a yogurt. The toppings I got also go well with the plain yogurt, you see!

My personal rating: 5/5 spoons!


  1. naku! it gets addicting pala hahaha! iniisip ko na lang healthy except for the toppings I put :)