Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bye bye mosquito!

I got this idea through one of my n@wie sis, Con who used to sell these Skeeter Guards which are patches that prevent mosquitoes from going near you. You can stick it either at the back of your shirt or on top of the headboard of your bed. Unfortunately, she does not sell it anymore so I had to find a similar product in time for our Bohol trip this September.

This is what I saw in Ace Hardware... Buzz Away. It's only Php 129.75 per box of 5pcs. I only hope it is as effective as Skeeter Guard was.

I'll check first if I have a few Skeeter Guard left in the house and I won't need to buy anymore.

I also saw this Citronella wrist band which purpose is also to divert these mosquitoes away from you. I believe this is even less than P50.00.


  1. Buzz away works for me but it's quite expensive kasi 8 hours lang ang effectivity nya. kapag more than 8 hours, hindi na ganun ka-effective. have you tried the citronella wristband? thanks!

  2. Sis, haven't tried both eh. What we used before was the Skeeter Guards.