Monday, August 2, 2010

finally gave in...

to having his haircut after almost 8 months!

He had his haircut last December 2009 before the January wedding of hubby's cousin. We wanted to keep it long just like Bret of ABS-CBN's PBB Teen Clash 2010 but his is way too thick and rashes have been appearing when he gets sweaty. So off we went to Cuts for Tots in MOA. He was, in fact, not feeling well due to fever and cough but we pushed through.

See the shapes lined up on the bed, that's Thomas... he is imagining that's a train even if he really has that Thomas the Train set we bought him.

This WAS his hair then...

And this IS his hair now... though he is still recovering in this picture. Oh! And he has the same pose as Bret (just realized now!).

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