Monday, August 2, 2010

the boy's shoes

Remember this post last April 15? I was tempted to get this (photo on the right):

The original one I saw is in blue. But when hubby saw this pair in red, he preferred that. The size 10-11 is still a bit bigger for Enzo while the size 8-9 is almost small for him now.

Then I remember he has this Crocs in size 10-11 which is still kept in the cabinet as it still is a bit big for him. This is actually a gift from hubby's officemates.

This one I love since it's Enzo's current fave. My in-laws were supposed to get him a new pair but since the size is not right, we were thinking of getting him something else like a rubber shoes from Nike or this sneakers from Superga at the ground floor of Greenbelt 4.

The classic design in electric blue is nice and hubby wants the adjustable strap instead of the lace. Oh and they even have a Mickey Mouse design but it costs twice as the classic one.

I realized boys don't have much option (in terms of fashion) compared to girls where there are a lot of cute stuff in pretty colors but boys do have the most expensive options hahaha! Which is why I'd like to have a baby girl next time :)

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