Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet our Lil Prince

My OB asked me to undergo a "non-stress test" and a "third trimester ultrasound." The last ultrasound we had was back in June as we wanted to finally know the gender. We didn't have it in MMC then as we opted to try Healthway but never again... the pictures of that ultrasound weren't as clear and the OB is sooo late grrr! That should be another post.

I guess because I'm a GDM on insulin that she has to make sure my baby is doing fine. I'm also glad we did the ultrasound as I was able to assure myself that he is doing ok and growing.

Here are the ultrasound pics from last Saturday's ultrasound (Aug. 13) at 33weeks and 4 days:
Rafa was very cooperative. He was opening and closing his hands.
Look at his pouted lips hahaha!

Yup! He is definitely a boy teehee!

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