Friday, September 16, 2011

Rafa's Birthing Kwento

I don't think I was able to blog about Enzo's birthing kwento way back in 2007. In fact, it took me awhile to start blogging again that time.

Here goes my birthing kwento (the second time around!) while it still is fresh from my mind:
We have scheduled my CS delivery on my 39th week as my OB said MMC does not allow them to perform elective CS earlier. We chose September 23 (Friday) as it is the Feast of Padre Pio. Both my OB and Endo doesn't think I'll make it on that day hahaha! Well, I guess they were right all along.

September 6 (Tuesday)
I still continue to report to the office even if I'm on my 37th week already and ready to pop. Sayang kasi ang maternity leave! Besides, I was thinking I'll give birth on the 23rd or at least that week. My shift is from 12noon-9pm and I go to the office (from Quezon City to Bonifacio Global City) by commute as in tricycle-jeep-MRT-Fort Bus. Around 7PM, right after having dinner, I felt this dysmenorrhea-type of pain. It wasn't too painful and just tolerable. I was even thinking that maybe I just needed to do #2. The pain did not go away. I remember when I was about to give birth to Enzo in 2007, I felt the same kind of pain around Thursday (early morning) then it disappear in the morning. I did not anymore go to office that Friday as I barely slept. We even went to my OB that Saturday for my check-up and a non-stress test as I have mentioned that I have only felt the baby move a few times. My water bag broke Sunday morning and I delivered Enzo by CS delivery that Sunday morning. So it made me think that I might not be able to make it on the 23rd and give birth the week of September 5. It's a good thing that I have turned over most of my tasks as early as August so I decided to just send a few emails in case I did go into labor. I left the office at past 9PM as I waited for my in-laws to pick me up so they could bring me home. The pain is still there (but still tolerable). When I got home, I fix our hospital and baby bag so we are ready to go in case I go into labor that night. We decided to bring Enzo with us if we will need to go to the hospital early that morning as he might throw a tantrum when he wakes up and we are not beside him.

September 7 (Wednesday)
I remember not being able to sleep well and when I woke up, the pain (though still tolerable) is still there... geez! Around 3AM, I woke up again because of the urge to pee and realized that the pain is still there. Though there was no bloody show or breaking of water bag, I woke up hubby and we decided to go to MMC already. With Enzo in tow, we arrived at MMC around 5AM (I guess?!) We went straight to the new labor/delivery room. I underwent a non-stress test to see how my contractions were. They were consistent so they need to perform an IE (even if I dreaded this procedure!). I was 2cm dilated already. The resident OB explained that what they are trying to avoid is for my previous scar to rupture when my contractions become intense. With the consultation with my OB, the resident advised me that my CS operation is at 8AM that day and I will no longer be allowed to go home. Ha?! Hubby was allowed to enter the operation room and at 8:40AM, baby Inigo Rafael Luiz a.k.a. RAFA was born. Sayang we missed the September 8! Come to think of it, Enzo was born October 7, Rafa on September 7... just saying. Rafa was 37weeks & 1 day. He was 6.5lbs and 48cms long.

Rafa had to stay at NICU and I wasn't able to feed him because he has a high respiratory rate. According to my son's "wonderful" pedia, Dr. Clemente, this usually happens on a CS delivery. Buti na lang it wasn't pneumonia that would require a longer stay at the hospital. We were worried that we might go home without our bunso. I was able to breastfeed him Friday, September 9. We were actually allowed to be discharged already that Saturday but we opted to stay until Sunday and see if Rafa can be discharged too. Thank God that by Sunday morning, Dr. Clemente advised us that he can also be discharged yipeey!

We are now home. I'm on my 10th day of maternity leave. Enzo is adjusting well and he is even very protective of his baby brother. Although he keeps asking if there is a baby sister on my tummy... what?! Rafa, on the other hand, has been very behaved and "hindi iyakin." We are very blessed!

Let me share a few pictures from the hospital...

our eldest waiting at the 5th floor lobby of MMC

first daddy & son picture

first glimpse

first family picture

such pretty flowers from the office

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