Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rafa's 1st Month Birthday (07 October 2011)

Rafa's 1st Month Birthday fell on the same day of Enzo's 4th Birthday. This is when Enzo had his celebration in school and since we gave his Goldilocks' Rocky Road cake to his teachers, we had to order another cake for Rafa's birthday. We ended up with Chocolat's Chocolate Hazelnut cake which is sinfully "chocolatey."

Rafa's cord fell off last October 6. Just like his Kuya whose cord took exactly a month before it fell off. He had his first bath that day. Rafa is heavier now, weighing 3.5kg and 51.6cm longer. And because he is thriving, his pedia has not given him any vitamins yet. He also had his first nailcut last October 8.

We also noticed that he has more head control now and is able to stay awake longer than his first few days, first few weeks. Looking forward to more of your milestones, bunso.

Ciao for now as Rafa is finally sleeping... I will join my 2 boys for some needed nap time! ;p

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