Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking forward to 2012!

So much to look forward to... and with much anticipation I guess.

We have to be frugal this coming year and more discerning (the term!) when it comes to our expenses. We cannot simply splurge and splurge and splurge like we did in 2011. Our battle cry for 2012 is "Save! Save! We must!"

With the projected expenses for the coming year - tuition fee by 2nd quarter (nanay na talaga ako!) and Rafa's 1st birthday party by 3rd quarter - we really must monitor how we spend in 2012. Less unnecessary dine-outs, I suppose pwede fastfood (but that's not healthy!). And if we "want" to buy something, we need to think not only twice but thrice if we "need" it at that moment. Better yet, postpone buying it for a week or so and see if the desire to have it is still there by then.

Except for a few items we badly needed to get already. Like a new, no-frost refrigerator which we are getting this January. Napapagod na si yaya mag-defrost every 2 weeks hahaha! We also needed new cooking pots and electric stove (in case and we usually do ran out of gasul!). A smaller, wooden laundry basket we can put inside the washroom so we can take out the big, aluminum-type "trash can" we are currently using which was given to us by my BIL (as it's not working already and so as to lessen the clutter in our small abode). Also, a desk & chair (with storage spaces for the small toys) for Enzo so he has a place to work on his assignments. We saw something similar in S&R and I hope it's still there when I get the moolah to buy for it.

Some "wants" on the list is a new bag. I wanted to get the Petit Noe but I know it's impractical so I'm eyeing this Michael Korrs bag. Let's see if I have enough bonus to justify the splurge. Cheaper than Petit Noe for sure! And something I can use everyday in the office. Sige, i-justify pa! ;p

An out of town trip, maybe Boracay again. Oh! and a divider for our sala. I'm still visualizing if it will occupy too much space.

So 2012... I am sooo ready for you!

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