Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011: the year that was...

2011 has been a blessed year to our little family with the arrival of bunso, Rafa. There is really nothing more to ask. We are thankful to the Lord for giving us our heart's desire. Late last year, hubby and I were already discussing about having baby #2 as we believe this is the gap we wanted for our kids. Honestly, I don't want to be 35 and still be caring for an infant. I want to enjoy them as toddlers already when I reached that age. I'm turning 33 next year, I'll have a 4-going-5 toddler and a baby-going-1. Not bad huh?! Thinking of baby #3... hahaha! No more (for now) but we're not punctuating that statement with a period. God might have other plans and I'm still within the age range that I'm okay to still be carrying another baby. But with the difficulty that goes with the pregnancy as I get older, I'd like to stick with my 2 boys. And with our plans to bring the boys to Disneyland on Enzo's 7th Birthday (year 2014 - I'll be 35!), that just might be the case for good. Note to self: must SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!

Going back this 2011, early January, we were able to go to Nuvali. I didn't know I was pregnant already this time. It took us the end of the month before we decided to take the pregnancy test and voila! It wasn't as easy when I had Enzo in 2007 (I was 28 then!). I had bouts with nausea and GDM on my last trimester. That wasn't fun. But I had to be strong for the little boy. And now looking at him (at 3months), I'm still in awe that we were gifted with such a precious little angel.

We weren't able to travel for 2 years now (cancelled our Bohol trip last 2010 because Enzo got sick boohoo! then I got pregnant) but we plan to make up for next year. Though we were able to enjoy summer as we enroll Enzo to Futbol Fanatics. He surely had a blast and we'll do it again this coming summer of 2012. We also enrolled Enzo in school for Junior Nursery.

We did get a few gadgets this year so materially, we are also as blessed. And grateful for that.

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