Friday, December 9, 2011

Rafa turns 3!

I have several drafts on my folder which I hope to be able to post really soon...

The candle-blowing was done the night before Rafa's actual 3rd month birthday. I requested for an early morning shift as I will be bringing Enzo to his pedia in the late afternoon due to fever. So I asked hubby if we can celebrate Rafa's 3rd month that night. We met up with hubby at SM Megamall then dropped by S&R to buy the "Original Cheesecake." This cheesecake is sinfully yummy I tell you and it's worth every penny (Php 999 something).

Since it was hubby who was in the picture for Rafa's 2nd month, it was my turn this time.
At 3 months, he's very engaging already and loves being talked to. The Lolo taught him "kruuuuk-ya" (the word they use to call chickens in the province when it's feeding time) and you'll be amazed how Rafa seems to copy it. He also smiles a lot now. And he is able to sleep through the night and just waking up to feed then sleep right after.

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