Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Serenitea's cup

I was telling hubby over the weekend how I loved their Wintermelon Milk Tea and I just had the misfortune of ordering the wrong milk tea at Bubble Tea. So last Sunday (before lunch), hubby & I with the kiddos all trooped to Katipunan to buy a cup-the nearest branch in our place. Plus, we are buying medicines for Enzo as he seems to be having (the beginning of) a gastroenterities.

Back to the title of my post, the branch in Katipunan is in the Oracle building after passing by Miriam College-Pizza Hut/DQ. I ordered Hokkaido (100% sugar with black pearls) for hubby as I was told this is the bestseller. I ordered naman their Taro Lover (100% sugar with crystals). I don't have a pic of hubby's cup tsk tsk! I realized I prefer the black pearls pala as sinkers than the nata crystals. Hubby's cup is similar to the Wintermelon one but I feel the tea is much stronger in taste while Wintermelon is a lot sweeter. Tama ba my assumption?

So far, Serenitea's Wintermelon Milk Tea is still the must-try for me (hands down!).

Happy Lemon, you're next in line.

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