Thursday, January 5, 2012

I have the sweetest boy...

When I came home last night and I was ready to join my boys in bed (who are all fast asleep), hubby woke up and shared a touching story about my eldest. He said they were doing his assignment (tracing shapes) earlier that night and told his daddy that "Heart (pointing to the shape) is love and love is mommy!" Aawww... Do you agree, my boy is such a sweetie pie? My ears were clapping... my heart was doing flip flops...

And to you, my first-born son: "You will always hold a special place in my heart where only you and you alone, my boy, can fill in. It is with you that I have first experienced the joys, the pain & the fear that comes with motherhood. But through our journey together, I would like to believe that you have made me a better mom... more equipped now in rearing your younger brother. Everything with you is a first that I will forever cherish and remember.

I'm happy to be your first true love. In the future when you find another girl to share your heart with, I'll be contented knowing I was your first and that I have showered you enough love for you to share. I love you, Kuya!"

...and my heart continues to do flip flops, I tell you. Tanggal lahat ng pagod mo.

On an entirely different matter, I have yet to upload our photos from our overnight stay at Edsa Shangri-La to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary (wood). oh! And my reunion with my college buddies last December 30. Stay tuned...

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  1. Yes you do have the sweetest kid :) That is so nice, being able to translate the meaning of love to your child without explaining, just doing... Aww... a really touching and moving post.