Monday, January 9, 2012

Love@5 Years

Can’t imagine that we have celebrated our 5 Years together as husband and wife which will only mean that we have been together as a couple for 13 Years. Hubby posted this on my wall: the one woman I will marry a thousand times over...happy anniversary =) love you!"

Syempre kinilig ako! Even after all these years, he continually gives a warm smile on my face. To which I replied:

waaah! now ko lang nabasa... thanks ney! ... and to the man I will say "Yes!" a thousand times over... Happy 5th Anniversary!"

And that’s true. I believe and trust that we are both right for each other. Just look at our kids – diba perfect combination – genes pa lang yan! Hahaha!

We decided to celebrate with an overnight stay at Edsa Shangri-La last December 30 (post celebration). We brought with us the 2 boys (sans the yaya) so imagine our hands were full but it was a fun stay especially for Kuya who enjoyed the swimming pool so much. And when we asked him if he wants to join a swimming or football class – he would excitedly say “swimming.” So we are still torn where to enroll him this summer.

I didn’t go swimming anymore to watch over Rafa. Hayz! I could have brought my swimsuit and alternate watching over Rafa with hubby. We actually got a go signal from his pedia that it’s okay but it was our choice (in the end) not to let him swim since he’s barely 4 months old.

Take a look at Kuya… all ready to swim…

Having so much fun with Daddy.

By the pool.

That night, we ate at the Heat. I consumed less rice (HA! I’m so used to eating less rice.) but devoured on the baked salmon, grilled salmon, baked lobster and the chocolate chip cookies. Those cookies are heavenly, I tell you. Not much pictures during dinner… remember, we have 2 boys with us.

The next day, we had breakfast at the Heat again. Thank God we were such early birds because we would have been lining up for breakfast. They’re jam packed that morning (31st) . We loved the Coffee Frozen Yogurt they served during breakfast yum yum!

Coffee Frozen Yogurt on top of my Peach Crepe
with pistachio and dark choco chips

After breakfast, Daddy and Enzo went swimming again. Rafa and I went up early to our room as it was drizzling. Daddy and Enzo followed suit before 11AM as Enzo still wants to play at the bath tub. Seriously, when we buy our own house, we’ll have a bath tub installed.

And here is our yearly Anniversary picture. Oh! I have yet to post our yearly Christmas picture too (reminds self!)

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