Friday, January 6, 2012

my take on Milk Teas

I know... again, I'm a late bloomer (just like when I started trying the frozen yogurt - circa 2010 -which eventually I craved for and still continue to love - White Hat's Kooky Hat please).

There is a recently opened Bubble Tea Place near my office so I told hubby over the phone that I will give it a shot. I'm not a milk person so there is a hesitation from my end. Hubby said to just order their bestseller. Fine - I ordered the Royal Milk Tea in M size (Php115.00).


I can't taste the milk. Rather, it tastes more like the "tea bag you drop in a hot water" (kaya nga milk tea eh!). In short, di ko type! Hahaha! I'll have Starbucks anytime...

BUT I told myself that I will not have Starbucks on weekdays for the rest of the year. Once on a weekend is fine especially if I go out with hubby and Enzo (which recently is our bonding time). Unless someone cares enough to buy me a frap (Dark Mocha Frap please, twice blended with choco drizzle and choco powder), why not! (then calories are welcome).

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