Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(Updated as of Feb. 7) 4th Month Birthday Celebration at Red Crab, Greenbelt (07 January 2012)

I suddenly remembered I haven't posted anything yet on Rafa's 4th month birthday. I only remembered it because he is turning 5-months on Tuesday... wow! Ang bilis lang noh?!

My in-laws treated us to Red Crab on this day. We didn't bother getting him a whole cake on this month and just opted for the free birthday Cheesecake slice from Red Crab. Sayang lang they don't have a candle anymore hayz! Initially, my in-laws were supposed to try Yakimix but since we got to Greenbelt at almost 1PM (i think), and there is still a waiting list plus they will close at 3PM, sayang lang! That's why we ended up in Red Crab. I don't know if I like the Red Crab now - there were really few choices on their buffet - so I just feasted on the Crab Maritess and Szechuan Crab plus the addition to their buffet - grilled Salmon belly. Sarap! I got full just eating them without rice ;)

My folks were saying how Rafa is such a behaved, happy baby! Nku! Ang bisyo lang niyan is you have to talk to him constantly and he will laugh and make loud, indistinct noises hahaha!

At 4-months, he weighs 6.8kgs and 63cms longer. Head circumference is 40cms while chest circumference is 39cms. I just realized when I looked at Enzo's baby book that he was heavier at 7.5kgs and longer at 64cms at 4months old. Well, he was bigger at birth din naman. Rafa's next check-up is still scheduled in March, on his 6th month birthday.

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