Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moving-Up Ceremony (17 March 2012) + another Birthday Loot from Forever 21

We are in full attendance... kala mo Enzo's already graduating from High School or College but very thankful for the support of family. It has been a year of initiation for me and hubby as we sent our eldest to school. He is now moving-up to Senior Nursery this coming school year. I don't know who is more excited at the Ceremony - me and hubby or Kuya?! It must be the parents as I don't think Enzo (or even his classmates) realizes how big a deal it was for parents like us ;)
This is birthday loot #4 - such a pretty dress from Forever 21. I bought it the same day I bought the shirt shown in my last post. I'll try to post the "girly" skirt I bought that day too. Enzo's too cute in his red short-sleeved polo from Periwinkle (for only less than Php700.00). I suggest you try that shop, it has really nice clothes naku! especially for those with girls. I love their dresses!

The above picture made me teary-eyed... still can't believe how fast children grow up... really! So I cherish the time that Enzo still longs for my hugs and kisses... we love you, Kuya!

This slideshow was shown while we were with Enzo on stage to receive his Certificate. The picture shown was during their Christmas presentation. He was one of the shepherd boys.

We treated the grandparents to lunch at Cafe Romulo. Food was superb!
Tinapa Roll for appetizer. This is their bestseller for appetizer. It was just ok.

Tito Greg's Kare-Kare which hubby loves the most. Imagine he even brought home the sauce and had it for dinner that night... and lunch the next day... sulit diba!

Crispy Pata Binagoongan - not your ordinary Crispy Pata! A welcome twist to your usual crispy pata.

The General's Chicken. Just ok.

Pancit Puti - flavorful! Kala ko from the looks of it that it will taste blah... I was wrong.

Crispy Suman sa Latik for dessert. Mama had 3 of those hahaha!

I sooo love this family picture parang Telenovela sa Dos hahaha! Next year ulit...

We spent around 3.5K but we were a big group of 8 adults.

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