Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rafa was 8 before he turned 9-months (2-in-1 post)

Since I am so late in blogging, I am doing a 2-in-1 post.  The first one is to share with you our find in Cake2Go.  There is a newly opened branch near our place so that's where hubby opted to buy for Rafa's 8th-month birthday.  This is really sweet but moist and oh so yummy!  This is one of their bestsellers - Devil's Food Cheesecake if I remember correctly.

And I also wanted to share with you guys the Baby 1st walker we bought for Rafa.  Warning: his pedia said it is NO longer recommended at any age!  However, I wanted to have somewhere to place him for a little while as he doesn't want to stay put in his crib that long.  BUT I always remind the yaya to keep watch at all times kahit nasa walker pa as it might topple over.

Moving on, last June 7 is Rafa's 9th-month birthday.  I left the office a bit early because I still have to go to my dental appointment for the root canal therapy (that should be another post!) at Dentista, Inc. in Shangri-La mall.  On our way home, we passed by The Bakeshop of Edsa Shangri-La and decided to buy his cake there since they have on display this Dark Chocolate Cake for only Php560.  Di gaano kamahal!  The other choices are in the range of 1K already.  I tell you - sa chocolate frosting pa lang sulit na kahit the cake itself is a bit crumbly (do you get what I mean?! - not the moist and siksik-type).

From Rafa's check-up last June 1 (a few days shy of his 9th-month), he weighs 7.2kgs and 70.2cms longer.  Head circumference is 45cms while chest circumference is 43cms.  He is catching up with Kuya in terms of his height but Kuya is a lot heavier at 9-months (9kgs and 71cms I believe) hihihi!

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