Sunday, July 1, 2012

PAMANA: A Father's Day Post (12 June 2012)

Hubby has been veerrryy busy these few months, rendering OT for successive weekends (as in wala nang QT=quality time with the family!).  Thank God yesterday was his last OT for a weekend! So for Father's Day Celebration, we invited both our families to join us for lunch at Pamana in Tagaytay last Independence Day.  We wanted to do an ocular visit of an Ayala property in Nuvali kaya lunch in Tagaytay is not far-fetched.  Ang ganda dun I swear and the property itself is quite promising. 
 Here is a rare shot with my brother's family who met up with us.  This is the area where we were seated with the family's pictures at the background.

Here is what we ordered:
The Original Bulalo (Php535.00) - This is just ordinary, nothing spectacular but the serving was large (good enough for our group of 11adults).

Three Way Adobo (Php295.00) - The Native Adobo Spareribs is yummy, my son loves the Adobo Flakes (di siya maalat and it's really crunchy) BUT the Chicken Adobong Puti is quite forgettable.

Kare-Kare (Php395.00) - Hubby loves Kare-Kare but he said the one in Cafe Romulo is way better than this one we had in Pamana.

Binagoongang Bagnet (Php365.00) - This one is a hit!

Pinoy Fondue (Php265.00) - This is a must-try when you do dine in at Pamana! Sarap!

 This is at the upper floor of Pamana with quite a good view of Taal.  The de Claro's cousins - yup! All boys yan hahaha!

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