Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4 months to go!

June 07 is Enzo's 8th-month birthday and since it fell on a Saturday, we decided to throw a simple, mini-birthday party for him with his lolos, lolas, tito Sherwin, Tita Espeeh and kuya Josh, and ninong Mac as his special guests.

I cooked "creamy" spaghetti. It's actually my usual pinoy spaghetti with a new twist. Got this idea from my officemate. We also had an 8x12 mocha cake and a pack of big puto delivered by Goldilocks. Lola Rose and tito Sherwin brought Tom's pork barbeque, lolo Jun brought the gelatin he made the night before and ninong Mac had a box of Shakey's pizza. Our lil boy was an adorable host. He took his nap early that afternoon and woke up around 3pm even before our families arrived. He ate yogurt while we feasted on this...

When our families left, we went down to the park and had a quick stroll that by the time we got back to our condo, he was tired and sleepy already. It was a fun get-together for both families. I guess the next mini-party will be on September 07 which will fall on a Sunday. His other monthly birthdays will fall on a weekday tsk tsk.

Here are a few pictures of the birthday boy on his 8th month...

I wanna share with you guys this picture taken last May 24 at the Festival Mall. Ain't he cute?

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  1. Yes very very cute and adorable. Sooo flawless pa.