Wednesday, August 20, 2008

almost 1!

Imagine how time flies... in less than 2 months, my lil prince is turning ONE!

Finally, I have decided on the theme (I don't think that has changed really!), on the venue (finally... I think I have considered at least 3 other venues before settling on this one) and on the essentials for a party such as.
  1. host/magician (c/o Jhoanne)
  2. cake (c/o Jhoanne)
  3. balloon set-up (c/o Jacque)
  4. face painter & glitter tattoo (c/o Jacque)
  5. invitation (diy by ninang Leen)
  6. pabitin, piñata, loot items, prizes (Divi)
  7. costume (undecided)

I have deposited the initial downpayment to Jhoanne yesterday so that confirms (I guess) the host & cake. Jacque does not require downpayment for her balloon set-up but I still have to pay the downpayment for the face painter. We will be going to Divisoria early September for the pabitin, piñata, loot items & prizes then also settle the 50% downpayment for the venue by mid-September. We'll be having a gift registry so we'll have to accomplish it by early September so we can send out the invites by mid-September as well. We still have a lot to do in terms of planning for Enzo's first birthday party but at least, we are decided on most or majority of things. sooo excited! teehee!


  1. wehehehehe

    kawawa pala si jacque satin kasi back-to-back ekek ito! and swerte anak mo kasi ako wala pa din ginagawa :D