Monday, August 11, 2008

Celebrate with Chocolat (Enzo's 10th month Birthday!)

Finally, we were able to try a new cake for Enzo's 10th-month birthday... Chocolat.
I got the Chocolate Hazelnut for Php 545 (or was it Php540?). I was undecided whether to get their bestseller "Death by Tablea" (Php 590) or the cheaper but second bestseller "Moist Chocolate Cake" (Php450) or the "Chocolate Hazelnut." The pieces of chocolate on top of the cake was the deciding factor for me and we were not disappointed. Yum yum yum! It's moist and has bits and pieces of chocolate hazelnut which tastes as good. I even thought it was just a local chocolate but it tastes like Cadbury or Van Houten. So I guess we will try their other chocolate cakes.
While his Lolo cooked sotanghon-pancit for him. I was only thinking of buying Jollibee spaghetti on my way home but since Lolo volunteered to cook, I am too happy to oblige.

Here is how Enzo would look if at 10 months, he still has mittens hihihi! naaah... that's his socks!
Oh... Enzo might be experiencing separation anxiety this early hmmm... he now cries if left all alone by himself so poor yaya can't finish her household chores until my mom arrives. The solution is to let him roam around the sala/kitchen area while yaya does the laundry.

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  1. hi sheryll, ang sarap naman ng cake ni enzo! would love to try that someday.
    buti pa si enzo kumakain ng table food and he likes veggies pa. ang anak ko puros matatamis ang gusto.

    yup i'm preparing na rin for aqi's bday party. it's on oct11. syo kelan?