Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Travel Galore!

Hubby and I love traveling and exploring new places and it is both our dream for our own family to experience such adventures. I, myself have been able to travel quite a bit in other Asian countries like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Thailand. It's a wonderful experience that I would now like to share with my family. So even if Enzo is barely 10-months old and his Lolo and Lola (hubby’s side) would love to have him left behind, we decided to bring him along with us to Boracay last July. We are fully aware that Enzo will not even remember the trip by the time he reached the age when he can fondly remember things but we can show him the pictures and share stories with him on how much he enjoyed the beach. And if we have the resources, we can always bring him back (with baby sister in tow hihihi!).

One of the places I would loved to go back to for a family vacation is Bali, Indonesia. I would loved to bring my family there someday. Although the sand of Boracay is way better but Bali, in my opinion, is less commercialized. And of course with traveling comes your dilemma in hotel search. In Bali, I have the perfect hotel in mind although a bit pricey. I would loved to stay again in Intercontinental Hotel since it is beachfront and they have this "endless" pool (did I get the term right?). But most of the times, it is not that easy to choose a hotel to stay. Imagine you have to search for the individual websites of each of the hotel in your destination. It is quite toxic to be able to remember the web address (and the rates) if you need to re-consider one particular hotel. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to be able to check all the hotels with just one click?Hotelscombined did just that and the search tool is even for free. With just a click away, you will be able to find a hotel to stay, compare the rates and even check if there is an available room for you and your family on your proposed dates.

I will probably try this out as we plan for our next adventure preferably in Hong Kong in 2009!

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  1. awww sis... kami kukuha na ng bagong passports :D hoping na makapag-travel kami anytime soon :D grabe nga eh, am feeling s deprived kasi almost 2 years nakong walang plane ride!