Friday, August 1, 2008

Sun, Sand &Rain of Boracay (28 July 2008)

(This is how the weather is like when we left Boracay last Monday, July 28.)

We're a bit sad because vacation is finally over and we'll be back to reality but looking forward to our next trip. Hubby wanted a HK trip or if budget will not permit, I'm fine for a Bohol get-away!

The trip was fun and memorable. This is our dream - to be able to travel and go places with Enzo and we are living that dream. Which is also why we were thinking of a 3-4 year gap before the baby "sister" (we're hoping and praying for a girl!) so we can do all these with our first born. Although, it was tiring as expected. With no yaya or lolos/lolas, we just took turns in carrying Enzo. We brought his umbroller but we were only able to use it in the airport and the hotel specially when we're having breakfast so we could eat in peace. What I miss most is his sterilizer hahaha! Although I bought this Sterilizing Solution from Chicco which costs roughly Php100 but the downside is having to wash it off using a drinking water so we still bought mineral water. I'm even paranoid that I have not rinsed it off well. And it took so much of my time at night. Better wean Enzo early from the bottle hahaha! so it would be easier to travel with him next year.
... til our next family adventure!

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  1. Glad to see that you & your family had loads of fun in Boracay.

    Sana pag uwi namin ni hubby next time, may time kami mag Boracay. We've never been there together....