Friday, August 1, 2008

Sun, Sand & Rain of Boracay (27 July 2008)

Poor hubby... he was hoping and praying to take a picture of the sun rising that Sunday morning but was only greeted by the rains of Igme. We stayed in our room while waiting for the sky to clear. Fortunately, before noon, the sun started to peek. Yipeey! We decided to have lunch at Tesebel's at Puka Beach. Since the shuttle still has to bring guests back to the port, we decided to take the tricycle. The driver took advantage of the fact that we don't know how much it costs to take us to Puka Beach, he charged us Php150. grrr! It was the tricycle driver on our way back to Microtel who told us it's only Php 100. God bless him!

I think God was smiling upon us when we got to Puka Beach that the sun is shining so we were able to take a lot of photos of the great view. Too bad, Enzo is not in his swimming attire.

As soon as we went back to Tesebel's for our lunch, the rain started to pour again... imagine! God has given us enough time to enjoy Puka Beach. We had "Shrimps in Garlic & Honey" and "Grilled Squid" for lunch. In spite of the good reviews I have heard of the place, we were sooo disappointed. It's a bit expensive... imagine I have to spend roughly P500 for the two dishes & drinks but the food was just so-so. Never again! Good thing hubby enjoyed the beach there or I will never hear the end of it hahaha!

Since it was still raining, we decided to just stay in our room for the rest of the afternoon besides Enzo is having his afternoon nap. Later that day, we decided to go to d' Talipapa to hunt for pasalubongs in spite of the heavy rain. But because of the heavy rain, we decided to go back to d' Mall instead. This is because we have not been to d' Talipapa and with the heavy rain, we can't afford to stay longer outside. We were only able to buy a few Bora shirts & ref/photo magnets. We also bought Andok's for our dinner. I was supposed to buy crepe again but when we got to Budget Mart, the shuttle was already waiting for us.

That night, we ordered "Banana-Choco-Peanut" shake and "Lychee" shake from room service. Dinner was sooo yummy! Way cheaper than Tesebel's yet worth every penny.

Because we don't have anything to do outside, daddy was busy taking photos of our little prince.

... day 4 to follow.

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  1. 100 or 150, that's too much dear, from port to Puka?

    I worked at Discovery Shores for 7 months and from our boarding house to work was only 7pesos. YES dear, 7 pesos. So 100??? That's just too much. You have to ask people around for the tricycle fare. :)