Monday, June 28, 2010

Aranilla-Interior Nuptial & Bio-Heart Reunion (25 June 2010)

They were my barkada in high school and we remain friends in spite of the distance and lack of communication. Except for Iris who resides in the US and can't come home, the Bio-Heart was reunited once again. Yes! Bio-heart from the TV show Bioman which was a hit during our younger years. Abby (the blushing bride) is my closest, bestest friend in high school. Though we went our separate ways when we went to college, I have always treasured our friendship. And though we don't see or hear each other often enough, I know I have a good friend in her. And same goes to Jan (the pretty and ever sexy bridesmaid), Shar (my pretty kumare) and Iris (the one missing in action teehee!).

(pics from left to right: Yellow 4 (Jan), Pink 5 (Abby),
Green 2 (Shar), Red 1 (me) and Enzo)
...this pic reminds me of our high school group picture!

like the happy old times...

And to the newlyweds...
I wish you a blessed married life. Look back to this day (your wedding) when trials come for you to remember why you married each other in the first place and how happy you have been that day. Congratulations & Best Wishes!

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