Thursday, June 24, 2010

dessert haven

Parvati, that is!

They are located at the ground floor, Mindanao lobby of Trinoma (near Gourdo's and Conti's which is on the outside). I read they just opened last month. We have passed by this dessert place a couple of times but never really checked it out until last night. From a distance, it seems like a cafe of some sort. But were we surprised?!

We were introduced by the nice waitress to an assortment of desserts from different home bakers. Wow! And some I have even read in blogs like the "Supreme Brazo Bars" by Ces Lopez. I was aching to try this but since her kiosk is located at the Alabang Town Center, I never had the chance. Maybe now I do! They also have this Japanese ice cream I read about. And there's really more. Maybe next time, I can ask for their list of products so I can share with you.

According to the waitress, one of their best sellers is this Frozen Brazo de Mercedes by Fiona. We almost left without buying thinking we can definitely try this next time... but we couldn't resist this...

A peek inside. Sayang! It is almost melted but this is sooo heavenly and not too sweet either, maybe because of the ice cream and graham-based(?). Even hubby who was never a fun of brazo de mercedes loves it! This individual box is Php180.00. They have 8x8 for Php600.00 which you can give as a birthday gift.

Look at the melted ice cream... but it still is sinfully yummy! Two Thumbs Up, as they say.

And oh, they have a sample of the Cream Cheese Brownie by Mark's Baking and it's also good!

As their tagline goes, "Parvati - where home bakers and dessert lovers meet..."

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