Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Frozen Yogurt Adventure (Red Mango)

I know... I know... I'm sooo outdated!

You see, am not really fond of yogurts so when the buzz on the different frozen yogurts sprouting everywhere and anywhere, I didn't budge. Until yesterday...

Hubby wanted to have his haircut and a scalp treatment that would take about an hour or so. And since I've already checked Landmark for Enzo's swimming attire and swimming diapers (which will be for another post), I decided to give it a try. I have been telling hubby a few days ago that we should try all the frozen yogurts and see which is better.

My first try is the "Red Mango" in Trinoma. Their newly opened store (near Max's) wasn't as busy as their stall near the Toys 'R Us. And their glass door should be fixed as it's hard to push/pull it haaay!

... I tasted first the original frozen yogurt without the 2 toppings I got. It wasn't too sour as I was expecting yogurts will be which I like really. And the toppings I got which was recommended by the staff was "blueberry" and "cheesecake." It was a very nice combination and I wasn't disappointed for someone who isn't fond of yogurts! I like it so far!

Hubby had a few bites and he wanted to try it again... maybe this Thursday before we go to the supermarket for our weekly grocery.

Their small (4oz) Original Frozen Yogurt is Php80.00 and one topping is an additional Php20.00 or two toppings for Php30.00.

I think this is a good alternative to my Starbucks addiction, a lot healthier too!

My personal rating: 4/5 spoons!

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