Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Loot #1: FaceShop's Peeling Day

Got this last night when we went out to do our grocery in Landmark Trinoma. I told hubby I wanted to try this product I've read in one of the blogs (forgot lang which among the many).

I honestly don't have any beauty routines on my face aside from the daily wash - that's it. Though my officemates said I have a very nice skin - except for the blackheads I have on my face. I hope this would do the trick. I don't like to have facials as I'm scared that it hurts - parang dentist lang. I know... I know... I underwent CS (twice for that matter) but still scared of going to have a facial or the dentist. Hahaha! I even told hubby payag na ako to have baby #3 mawala lang 'tong toothache na 'to grrr! And yes - I'm having a toothache since Friday kasi hayz! I've tried Panadol, Advil, Alaxan FR and now, Ponstan which I hope will finally take care of this pressing problem. Problem talaga yan!

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