Monday, February 27, 2012

Rafa's 1st Munch (26 February 2012)

He is now at 5months & 19days old. His pedia said we can start on vegetables and fruits. Cereals will have to be given on the 6th month. We gave him Gerber's Carrots since we were out the whole of this weekend. Next week, I'll try to prepare something fresh. Di bale, Enzo was also given Gerber as his first solid food. I just can't remember if it was Carrots or Squash but Enzo didn't turn out a picky eater. And I'm happy that we are still able to feed Enzo vegetables at this age. Sablay lang on the fruits as there are specific fruits he wants like banana. Mango di pa masyado.

I believe Rafa is sooo ready for solids as he finished off the 2 teaspoons of it and even wants more. He can also suck already the carrots from the spoon. Haaay! Time flies so fast... next thing I'll know he'll be walking na...

Currently, he weighs 7 kilos & 66cms longer now with 42cms head circumference & 40cms chest circumference.

Up next will be my Birthday Loot#2... watch out for it!

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