Friday, February 17, 2012

True to Word: Better Fresh Dough

Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. That's Papa John's.

This is if you're craving for (good) make that better pizza. I know there are A LOT of pizza parlors in Metro Manila but I would consider Papa John's as one of my go-to places aside from S&R, Yellow Cab and Shakey's (not in that particular order but usually depending on what I want to eat). But let me warn you of their limited menu. Yes - they have pasta, side dishes but not that noteworthy. The pizza specially their fresh dough is what you will be coming back for. Here are what we ordered there:

"Forgettable" Seafood Carbonara (Php 180)

"Just OK" Diablo Burst (Php180)

"my drink-nothing special" Green Apple Italian Soda (Php69)
And the star of the show - Super Papa's 14" (Php 580)They have this garlic dip for the pizza which reminds me so much of Domino's. But the dough I super love talaga! And I'm not even a fan of thick crust pizzas. But theirs is really sooo good!

The Kuya tinkering with his iPad... I know it's not ideal to let the kids play while eating BUT that keeps him pre-occupied and lets me take care of Rafa and eat in peace (if that is ever possible with a toddler and a baby in tow).

The adorable bunso... in his Precious Moments' onesies (bought in SM).

See Rafa is still all smiles here until he realizes that it's not me nor Daddy nor his yaya that's holding him then he cries ever so loudly. Yes - nangingilala na siya at 5months.

Happy pa oh! Sayang I don't have a picture of him when he was wailing... next time I'll show you what I mean.

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