Thursday, February 16, 2012

How I Spent My 33rd Birthday?

I had this wonderful "ME time" planned out.

Mom was supposed to go with me and shop.

I'll leave the 2 boys at home with Lolo.

My interim manager approved my scheduled leave.

BUT the boys have other plans.

When I came home last night, Enzo woke up telling me that he feels cold - that's a red flag! Enzo is the type who wants the aircon turned on all the time if he has his way. I checked his forehead. He was hot - temperature reading is at 37.9. Sabi na nga ba! But why?! That's at 11:30PM. By this time, I already texted my dad and his school bus driver that he won't be going to school the next day. 4 hours later - his temp is still at 38.2. Another Paracetamol. 2 hours later - 39.9 that's bad! So I gave him Ibuprofen which usually helps lower his temperature. I decided to bring him to his pedia who's having his clinic at St. Luke's Global. I'm bringing Rafa as well as he has cough and colds naman. Diba my boys have unique gifts for my 33rd birthday.

So my well-planned "ME time" was thrown out the window. We all got home at almost 2PM and tired and it was raining hard. I just ordered from Amber's spaghetti with meat sauce and pichi-pichi with cheese plus hubby brought home a DQ Chocolate Xtreme Ice Cream Cake.

.this should be the simplest (yet grateful) birthday to date.

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