Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Simplest yet Most Touching Valentine's to date

This is what I saw when I came home last night at 11PM past... grabe ha parang Christmas season lang sa dami ng tao pauwi pa at this time...

My boy wrote that while his dad guides him on some of the letters. The single-stem rose (I found out later from hubby) was from his office harharhar! This was actually taped in the mirror/wall where our dining table is.

It's true that not all sweet things come in expensive packages - mine came from the heart!

You see -- my birthday is coming up in 2 days after V Day so I insisted to hubby not to order flowers anymore and just give me the shopping money. I so wanted to revamp my wardrobe. It's been almost all of last year when I was on maternity wear and since we've decided that I'm at least not getting pregnant soon (or ever!), I think I needed some new office clothes. Hopefully, my leave is approve and I'm going shopping with Mama. Hubby kasi can't take a leave.

Anyway, back to my Valentine's post, here is our midnight snack last night to cap off Valentine's. We are a convert when it comes to Sonja's cupcakes. The Pistachio Berries N' Cream is so divine (Php 85.00). Hubby loves it! As in he finished off the whole cupcake. I was only able to taste a little. In fact, better than their Red Velvet Vixen (Php70.00). The Flourless Choco Cupcake (Php100.00) is another tempting revelation.

How was your V Day, guys?

Sidenote: However, other sweet stuff do come in expensive paper bag kaya lang out of stock pa!

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