Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 5th-month, Bunso!

Happy 5th-month Birthday, Bunso! You had a case of diarrhea last Friday (February 3) so mommy had to rush home from work that day to administer your medicine. We also had your stool examined and good thing, the results all came back normal. Your pedia advised that we shift you to a lactose-free variant of NAN HW 1 - the NAN Al 110. So at the moment, we alternate between the 2 to avoid constipation naman.

This is your 5th-month Ice Cream Cake by Bake N Churn. Yummy na, mura pa at only Php250.00.
Look at how tempting it is but I had to control myself from over-eating again. Though hubby was suggesting that it might be the Gong Cha Wintermelon Milk Tea we tried last Sunday (that would be another post). I dunno...
So I had to share this slice with hubby huhuhu! The cherry is all mine though.

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  1. Really it's just 250 pesos??!! Wow must try that :) I'm curious to know how your Gongcha experience was.. My friend told me I should try their products :)